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Tips to Have a Stress Free Shoot

Behind the scenes at Wildbrand photoshoot

Getting in front of the camera can be daunting, but often it’s a part of business. Showing your face on social media gives your brand more of an identity and someone consumers can relate too, while that personal involvement can also lead to better levels of trust, with over 90% of people trusting recommendations from people rather than the brand itself.

So, if you’re looking to overcome this fear and have a stress-free shoot, then you’ve come to the right place! We sat down with our resident brand photographer, Stephanie “Stef” White, from Stef Spills Ink. Stef is a leading personal branding photographer in Perth. With a passion for helping business owners represent their authentic self through photos, we couldn’t think of anyone better to guide you through your next shoot!

1.      First, it’s all mental!

If you think you’re alone in hating the camera, think again! There’s actually a scientific reason as to why people hate seeing their own image. Our brains naturally prefer things that are familiar to us, which is called the mere-exposure effect. As we tend to see ourselves only in the mirror, this is the image that is familiar to us. A camera flips your face to what you’re used to which is unfamiliar to your brain and, therefore, something that makes you uncomfortable.

The second reason is called confirmation bias. Everyone always wants to be right, so we’ll look for information around us to confirm that thought process. Therefore, if you think that you don’t look good on camera, then you will only see the negatives in the pictures.

With all that scientific talk aside, just get out of your own head and you’ll be fine!

Do: Have a bright, positive view on the shoot which will help you enjoy it and that shows in the photos!

2.      Trust in your photographer

Hopefully, you’ve chosen someone who has taken the time to get to know you and your brand. If you’re still looking for a photographer then Wildbrand highly recommends Stef (and no she didn’t pay us to say that!). Otherwise, scroll through Instagram looking at hashtags like “#perthphotographer” and see if there’s anyone who captures your attention. If you already like their style of photos, then you’re off to a good start!

Once you have a photographer, have a chat before to plan everything so that you get a maximum return on investment. That way, you know you’re working towards a goal. Stef thinks all of us business owners work well with goals!

Do: Have open communication and level of trust with your photographer

3.      Prepare the day before

The night before your shoot, pour yourself a nice glass of wine and run a bath, perhaps even throw in a Lush bath bomb because they’re our favourite. Try to relax and trust that everything will be alright!

While you’re relaxing, take a moment of self-love and appreciation for your body. Everyone has insecurities, and that’s okay. In fact, only 20% of Australian females feel confident in their bodies. So, be honest with your photographer about how you feel and ask them to help you through it during the shoot. Remember that they’re there to help you get the best photos possible!

Do: Look in the mirror and tell yourself you are beautiful three times

4.      Formulate a rough plan

Write out a list/shot list of photos that you specifically want to get. Having a plan will give you and your photograph a clear direction of which way you want to head in during the shoot. This will help simplify the decision process as you won’t get to the location and panic because you don’t know what you want and that you’re wasting time.

With a plan in hand, you’ll know and feel calm that you’re achieving what you’ve set out to do! 

Do: Write out 5 things you want to achieve from that shoot

5.      Fake it till you make it!

Lastly, and probably the most important point here, is, act confident and no one will question you. Stef promises you; nobody is as confident or perfect as they look online in real life. Everyone is just the same, got insecurities, worries and anxiety.

Do: just keep smiling and acting like you know what you’re doing.

So, next time you’re having a photoshoot, just keep these 5 simple steps in mind. You’ll be amazed just how much better your photos look when you’re feeling confident!

Credit: Peter Larsenbossytutu

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