Wildbrand Team

The ‘wild’ in Wildbrand  

Wildbrand is a collective of marketing mavericks who help you find your ‘wild’ through branding, guidance and connection.

What does it mean to be wild? It’s purpose, freedom and authenticity. It’s living the life you were meant to live before you fell for the allure of the status quo. Wild is the brand you have inside but haven’t found yet.

At Wildbrand, we believe every good business starts with a strong brand foundation – a deep understanding of what makes you you. Our mission is to bring that brand to life.

We give you the brand-building know-how to launch and maintain a sustainable business and the confidence to build a brand you love.

Carmen Watts
Behind The Brand

Carmen Watts

Hola, I’m Carmen! I’m the founder of Wildbrand. Before I ‘found my wild’, I worked in the marketing industry for over a decade. I learnt a hell of a lot and helped businesses in ways I’ll always be proud of. But I felt there was something missing. I wanted to connect with people on a deeper level and nurture businesses in a more meaningful way. So I took a leap of faith and started Wildbrand in 2017, with a mission to help business owners build strong, sustainable brands and find their own wild. With my gang of like-minded creatives, I help people do what they love, find the freedom to live and work on their own terms and get paid good money for it! We’re all about achieving big goals here at Wildbrand and I can’t wait to help you achieve yours.

To your best brand ever!
Carm x

Our Values

What We Believe In

We mean what we say and say what we mean.
We aren’t bound by conventional ways of thinking.
We only support sustainable, ethical brands.
We treat everyone we meet with love and respect.
We aren’t afraid to be bold and do hard things.