Where good brands grow

What happens when you dive headfirst into designing a logo or launching a website without a strong brand foundation? Your business lacks integrity, personality and that little bit of ‘wild’ that sells.

Your brand is everything. It expresses who you are and what you do, and differentiates you from everyone else. It underpins every conversation, marketing effort and connection online — it’s a biiiggg deal!

Nailing your brand basics will not only ensure you build a thriving business, but it will also give you the freedom to live and work on your own terms – the greatest gift of all.

Welcome to the Academy

Want to get clear on what makes you different and build a brand that feels true to you? Well, yeah. Of course, you do!

At Wilbrand, we decided it was time to share our biggest brand secrets and foster a community where good brands grow.

The Academy is an online education program and community for business owners who want to build a meaningful brand and make more impact online.

We get back to basics and focus on what really matters – brand fundamentals and marketing must-haves.

Want to kick digital marketing out of the park? Wondering how to create compelling copy that sells? Learn tried and true brand-building principles and connect with creatives who will help you achieve your ultimate #businessgoals.

Plus, you get access to our custom website templates where you can build your own professional (and beautifully branded) website with everything you’ve learnt.

The Academy will give you:

A brand vision and identity authentic to you

A solid business plan and clear direction for the future

Confidence to market your business effectively online

Guidance, support and connection to achieve your business goals

Access to customisable website templates so get your site up and running FAST

A feeling of clarity and readiness to ditch the doubt and do what you love

Skeptical? Don’t worry. This is a “secret formula”, “earn millions in your first year” and “zero to hero”-FREE ZONE.

Our Academy gives you all the lessons we learned over a decade in brand management – seriously, we’re giving you it all.

The Academy

People who have joined the Academy have a few things in common: authenticity, purpose and a little bit of magic. If you resonate with the below, we’re going to get along!
You’re ready to let go of conventional ways of thinking.
You want to connect with authentic people and finally say “adios” to fakes
You want to live a life around purpose, freedom and authenticity
You believe in intuition, energy and good vibes
You want to build a brand that feels true to you
You want to do good in the world and leave it better than you found it.
Joining the Academy is a good idea if:

You’re launching.

You’re launching.

You’re a baby in business and don’t know which way is up! We get your brand sorted and give you the business know-how to launch with a bang.

You’re growing.

You’re growing.

You’ve been doing your thang for a while now and are ready to up your game and take your business to the next level. How do you do that?
We’ll show you.

You’re evolving.

You’re evolving.

Your business has changed (and so have you). Your branding is *so yesterday* and it’s time for a new you. We help you get clear on your vision, realign your vibe and refocus for the future.
Sound like you?
Carmen Working

What's included?

Feel like your branding kind of sucks and marketing is the monster under your bed? Whether you’re launching, growing or evolving, the Academy is your new best friend.

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